Household goods store

Goods made of plastic and glass

From plastic, which can be divided into utensils, bathroom and toilet products, garden and vegetable garden, interior items for arranging residential premises, household furniture. These include toilet brushes, all kinds of soap dishes and shampoo bottles, garden plastic furniture, dishes, dustpans and sponges, and much more. Plastic is inexpensive, lightweight, impact resistant, and beautiful.
Made of glass, with a separate classification according to the intended and functional purpose, composition, color, size and style, production method. For example, there are glassware for daily use: glasses, glasses, plates, jugs, salad bowls, etc. There are household dishes designed to store food for a long time: these are jars, pans, glass bottles. There are decorative products, similar to glassware, but designed to decorate the interior. This GOST also includes lamps, as well as lighting fixtures, for example, ceiling lamps.

Products from ceramics and metal

Made of ceramic, similar in properties to glass. Ceramic household goods cover a significant part of household needs: first of all, these are ceramic dishes, divided into tableware, coffee, tea, etc., single and steam (saucer + cup). This includes plates, saucers and mugs, all kinds of sugar bowls and cream containers. In addition to traditional faience-porcelain utensils, rarer products from other types of ceramics are distinguished – for example, pottery, majolica, semi-porcelain.
From metal – knives, metal utensils and cutlery, kitchen utensils, tools for plumbing and assembly work, window and door handles, hinges, latches, locks, latches. The selection of a specific metal depends on the scope of use of household goods. Cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel are very popular.

Seasonal items

Unlike products that are in demand all year round, some positions are profitable only at a specific time.

In winter, the assortment of the hardware store can include the following:

holiday goods: artificial Christmas trees, garlands, decorations, candles, fireworks, crackers and souvenirs;
packaging materials for gifts: film, paper, ribbons;
snow removal equipment.
In the warm season, the following are in great demand:

goods for the garden – tools, gloves, soil, fertilizers, decorative ornaments;
inventory for tourism and recreation – skewers, barbecues, coal, balls, circles and tubes for bathing, plastic utensils;
construction goods;
seeds, fertilizers and disinfectants.
In a small number of listed items may be present on the storefront throughout the year. Some consumers buy seasonal goods out of season, which is associated with a downward trend in prices.